Panicking About Porn Is Eternal, Despite The Total Lack Of Evidence (Buzzfeed, 02.18)
Young people lead healthier and safer sex lives than ever before. But people still claim porn is turning them into degenerates.

9 Women Describe Horrific Treatment at the Hands of Their Jailers (Reason, 02.18)
In California’s Santa Rita Jail, pregnant inmates were pressured to have abortions, forced to go without food, and made to live in unsanitary conditions, a new lawsuit alleges.

What’s Hot in Porn Tech: Blockchain, Cam Girls, and Snapchat (Reason, 01.18)
New technologies are helping the adult industry adjust to government regulations and give more power to performers.

The Internet Makes Life Better and Safer for Sex Workers. Obviously. (Reason, 01.18)
A large new study out of the U.K. proves it.

The Phony Feminism of Kamala Harris (Reason, 01.18)
Harris only cares about other women’s rights when those rights don’t conflict with her career ambitions

Aziz Ansari and the Limits of ‘He Should Know Better’ (Reason, 01.18)
Sloppy seduction or sexual assault? If those are your terms, you’re already missing the point.

Steady Rise in Student Perfectionism Since 1990s (Reason, 01.18)
College students have become more likely to have unrealistic demands for themselves and others, according to a new study.

The Trump Effect: White Men Stand Alone? (Reason, 01.18)
A new poll shows white women souring on the GOP.

The Feds Keep Arresting Sex Workers (Reason, 01.18)
How “trafficking” stings ensnare consenting adult women

NBC Didn’t Fire Matt Lauer. We Did. (The New York Times, 11.17)
Let’s appreciate the powers and paradigms making it possible: feminism, but also free markets.

Gen Z and Millennials Are Better Than Their Parents at Delaying Gratification (Reason, 11.17)
“A supposed modern culture of instant gratification has not stemmed the march of improvement.”

The Case for Gender Anarchy (Reason, 08.17)
Want to end trans discrimination? Stop forcing people to label themselves.

Ignore The Bullshit: iPhones Are Not Destroying Teenagers (Buzzfeed, 08.17)
The same people who proclaimed a narcissism epidemic among millennials now say teens are being ruined by smartphones. They’re wrong.

The Bogus War on Internet Sex Work (The Daily Beast, 08.17)
No one is arguing that companies have a right to knowingly profit off of sexual exploitation, but we already have a host of remedies for punishing those activities.

Cindy McCain: Crony Philanthropist (Reason, 06.17)
From pill theft to cozying up to authoritarians, Trump’s pick for U.S. ambassador on human rights has a long history of abusing the system.

American Sex Police (Reason, 04.17)
With sweeping “sex trafficking stings,” the FBI returns to its roots as the nation’s vice squad.

No, the AHCA Doesn’t Make Rape a Preexisting Condition (Reason.com, 2017)
Geezus, people.

If Planned Parenthood Is Defunded, Could Any Other Organization Fill-In the Gap? (Los Angeles Times, March 2017)

Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists (Reason.com, March 2017)

Trump Didn’t Win Because He’s Trump. He Won Because Clinton Is Clinton (Reason.com, November 2016)

The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex-Trafficking Story of the Year (Reason.com, 10.16)

Sex-Harassment Scandals Rock Seattle Sheriffs (The Daily Beast, 10.16)
One sergeant is accused of grabbing a coworker’s crotch. Rape investigators joked about pleasing themselves to victims’ stories. That’s just the start.

Netflix Series Spotlights False Confessions (Chicago Sun-Times, 09.16)

Trump Fans and ‘Social Justice Warriors,’ Two Sides of the Same Authoritarian Coin (Reason.com, 05.16)

How the Government Stole Sex (Reason.com, 05.16)

The War on ‘Sex Trafficking’ Is the New War on Drugs (Reason magazine, 10.15)

Are Republicans Becoming the Party of White Identity Politics? (Newsweek, 09.15)

Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Gen-X’ers (Newsweek, 09.15)

How Hate Speech Laws Work in Practice (Reason, 08.15)

The Unbearable Smugness of John Kasich (Newsweek, 08.15)

America’s Newest War (Politico magazine, 06.15)
As the war on drugs loses its luster, legislators are intent to make the same mistakes with sex workers.

Sex, Love, and Robots (Reason, 04.15)
Will sexbots make human life better, creepier, or both?

Is Porn Ruining Our Sex Lives? (Newsweek, 04.15)

California Doesn’t Need a Porn Czar (Orange County Register, 04.15)
California’s “Safer Sex in Adult Film Act” would cost the state tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue and hundreds of jobs without actually making anyone any safer.

The Melodramatic Strain In Feminist Politics (Reason, 03.15)
Students suffer as social-justice signaling demands increasingly hyperbolic vulnerability.

Go Directly to Jail—And Then Stay There: How the Misuse of Jails Is Fueling America’s Overincarceration (Reason, 02.15)
People “are held in jail simply because they are too poor to pay what it costs to get out.”

Carceral Feminism and the Libertarian Alternative (Libertarianism.org, 01.15)
Libertarian feminism seeks to solve sex and gender issues without increasing government intervention and police power.

Unleashing the Produce Police (The Press-Enterprise, 12.14)
California food vendors will face steeper fees and an extra layer of bureaucracy if they wish to peddle products at their area farmer’s markets.

Against Sexual Autonomy: Why Sex Law’s Lodestar Should Be Self-Possession
The philosophical principles underpinning rape law have changed over time. What’s the next step in our understanding of the issue?

4 Ways Neo-Victorianism Reared Its Ugly Head in 2014 (Reason, 12.14)
Art censorship, sex-trafficking hysteria, hate-speech hubris, and gendering consent

Rise of the Hipster Capitalist (Reason magazine, 10.14)
Selling out? For millennial butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, that’s the whole point.

Criminalizing Speech Will Inevitably Backfire (The Week, 10/14)
Feeling culturally and politically dominant, many liberals are all too happy to overlook constitutional concerns in the rush to “solve” social problems by government fiat.

U.S. Cops Can’t Seem to Stop Killing Mentally Ill Teens (The Week, 09/14)
Police may be coming in contact with mentally ill individuals increasingly often, as mental and behavioral health care services have been shrinking.

What Everyone Misunderstands About the ‘Libertarian Moment’ (The Dish, 08.14)

Every Sex Worker Is Somebody’s Daughter (The Dish, 08.14)

Millennial Denial Syndrome (The Dish, 08.14)

What Can Prevent Campus Rape? (The Dish, 08.14)

Depression, Success, & Lies of the Mind (The Dish, 08.14)

When ‘Preventing Rape Promotes Rape,’ You’re Doing Feminism Wrong (Reason, 08.14)
Teaching men not to rape and helping women avoid rape aren’t mutually exclusive options.

5 Myths About Millennials (Reason, 08.14)

Why Aren’t There More Unisex Bathrooms? (Reason magazine, 07/14)
Blame building codes for long lines, unhappy transgender people, grumpy business owners, and more.

How the battle for religious freedom became a nonsensical free-for-all (The Week, 07/14)
Freedom of religion doesn’t mean the right to behave in any manner so long as it’s religiously motivated and still gain or retain a job.

What the ‘Nordic Model’ Gets Wrong About Prostitution (TIME, 07/14)
Making the purchase of sex a crime strips women of agency and autonomy. It should be decriminalized altogether.

How the FBI Is Enabling Violence Against Women While Silencing Speech (Reason, 07.14)

The Internet Is Not a Safe Space (Reason, 06.14)

Pregnant Women Increasingly Face Criminal Prosecution for Positive Drug Tests (Reason, 05.14)
Hello fetus, goodbye civil liberties!

Proposed ban on whole milk: When lawmakers get nutrition and diet all wrong (Fox News, 04/14)
A new bill making its way through the Connecticut legislature would ban daycare centers and home childcare providers from serving whole or 2 percent milk to the kids in their care.

Prostitution Precrime? (Reason, 04.14)
Monica Jones and ‘Manifesting an Intent’ to Prostitute in America

Texas Upholds ‘Pole Tax’ (Reason, 04.14)

The GOP’s Gen Y Problem (Reason, 03.14)
Young Republicans Alienated by Party’s Social Conservatism

15 Facts About the Underground Sex Economy in America (Reason, 03.14)

HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Encourage Teen Girls to Have More Sex (Bustle, 02.14)
So let’s stop the scaremongering…

Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Is A Myth (Bustle, 02.14)
And it’s harming sex workers and trafficking victims alike.

Feds Finally Cave On Over-The-Counter Emergency Contraception (Alloy, 06.13)
Good news!

With Liberty & Exercise For All (Alloy, May 2013)
Pointless bill would launch new national exercise guidelines

Stoners Are Skinnier & Have Less Diabetes Risk (Alloy, 05.13)
New research finds that current marijuana smokers have lower fasting insulin and glucose levels as well as lower body mass indexes than those who don’t smoke pot.

Feds May Force U.S. Universities To Adopt Extreme Anti Sexual-Harassment Speech Codes (Alloy, 05.13)
In response rape cover-ups at the University of Montana, the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice have introduced some troubling new ideas.

What the Modesty Movement Misses (Alloy, 02.13)
Men lust no matter what we wear

Why Core Strength Is So Important (The Huffington Post, 11/11)
Isn’t core training just a fancy way of saying toning your abs? Our moms used to simply call this “doing sit-ups.”

Review: The Dumbest Generation (AARP Magazine, 07/09)
The book never quite delivers on its promise of explaining how or why the digital age endangers our future.

Pole Tax Follies (Doublethink magazine, 2008)
Since Texas first introduced the pole tax, at least 12 other states have followed suit.

Clove Encounters (American Spectator, 10/07)
In America, clove cigarettes may be the prop de rigueur of sullen college kids and people who read too many vampire novels. But recently, they’ve taken on a new role: center of an international trade feud.

‘Sad Kermit’ and the Future of Copyright (Doublethink magazine, 07/07)
Darrell Day has experienced first-hand the weird things that can happen when a little homemade video is put on the Internet and goes viral…