“The War on Sex Trafficking Is the New War on Drugs” // Students for Liberty regional conference, New York City – New York University // November 2017

“Sneaky Threats to Free Speech” // Sacramento State University & Cosumnes River College joint symposium on the ethics of free speech – New York University // November 2017

“Title IX: Sex and Censorship on Campus” panel // part of Spiked magazine’s “Unsafe Spaces” tour — Washington, D.C. — September 28, 2017

The fight for free speech on campus went hand in hand with the fight for sexual freedom. College women in the Fifties were not only patronised intellectually, they were kept under lock and key – for fear of what might happen if they were allowed to run free. Today, colleges’ preoccupation with fighting sexism and sexual assault seems to be rehabilitating that climate. Title IX rules aimed at ending sexist discrimination have been extended. Colleges are dealing with more and more sexual assault cases, often with little evidence and overly broad definitions of sexual assault. And academics are being disciplined for supposedly discriminatory speech. One feminist scholar was investigated under Title IX for writing an article criticising Title IX. Has the fight against sexism become unhinged and censorious? Are college campuses unsafe for women? Or are women being infantilised?

“They Won’t Stop at Backpage: Women, Agency, & the War on Sex Trafficking” // First Amendment Lawyers Association 2017 Summer Meeting — Baltimore — July 2017

They Won’t Stop at Backpage – Women, Agency, and the War on Sex Trafficking:The crusade against “sex trafficking” has united feminists and conservative right wingers and will not end with the take down of the adult services section on Backpage. How did denying that women have agency to make their own decisions unite such seemingly opposing circles? As Brown points out, the war on drugs paved the way: “Even as the drug war’s failures and costs become more apparent, the Land of the Free is enthusiastically repeating the same mistakes when it comes to sex trafficking. This new “epidemic” inspires the same panicked rhetoric and punitive policies the war on drugs did—often for activity that’s every bit as victimless.” We know they won’t stop at Backpage, so what’s next on the agenda?

June 22-23, 2017 || Porcupine Freedom Festival — Lancaster, New Hampshire: At the Free State Project’s 14th annual “Porcfest” this June, I gave a talk in the main pavilion as well as moderated a discussion on women in libertarianism (featuring Avens O’Brien, Kat Murti, Melissa Mann, and Terry Kibbe) and participated in a panel on the decriminalization of prostitution.

Photo by Judd Weiss

May 2017 || “The War on Sex Work”  || Free Thoughts Podcast with Libertarianism.org’s Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus

February 18, 2017 ||”How the War on ‘Sex Trafficking’ Is the New War on Drugs with Lauren Krisai || International Students for Liberty Conference — Washington, D.C. 

“The Stream” on Al Jazeera || “Children for Sale?” segment with Brooke Axtell, Kubiki Pride, and I Am Jane Doe director Mary Mazzio || January 2017

Is Porn a Public Health Crisis? – ReasonTV dispatch from the Republican National Convention || July 2016

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September 22, 2016 || “The Dori Monson Show” on KIRO Radio || segment on sex, crime, and cops in Seattle (listen here)

July 2016 || FreedomFest — Las Vegas || “Vice Is Nice” panel with Nick Gillespie and Robby Soave

June 2016 || Porcfest — Lancaster, New Hampshire || Lady’s Liberty Roundtable with Angela Keaton, Sharon Presley, and Carla Gericke

February 28, 2016 || International Students for Liberty Conference — Washington, D.C. || “The Bad Science of Campus Rape” panel with Robby Soave and Peter Suderman

February, 2016 || Federalist Radio Hour || “Politics and Porn Stars at the 2016 Adult Video Awards

January 18, 2016 || Business Matters program on BBC World Service

January 4, 2016 || Business Matters program on BBC World Service

August 2015 || “Human Trafficking in America: Myths and Realities panel with Katie Hail-Jares, Molly Gill, and Lauren Krisai at Reason’s D.C. headquarters (Watch here.)

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