“The Stream” on Al Jazeera || “Children for Sale?” segment with Brooke Axtell, Kubiki Pride, and I Am Jane Doe director Mary Mazzio || January 2017

Is Porn a Public Health Crisis? – ReasonTV dispatch from the Republican National Convention || July 2016

Stossel on Fox Business || Is Universal Basic Income a Good Idea? segment || September 2014

Opening Bell With Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business || Millennial Entrepreneurship and “Hipster Capitalists” segment || August 2014

No Man’s Land: A Goddamn Western (2013) || Produced by: Goddamn Cobras Collective || Starring: Eden Brolin, Rich Awn, Justin ‘Bearclaw’ Johnson, Sara K. Hallacher, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Molly Brolin, and James Brolin

Traveling Light (2011) || Directed by: Gina Telaroli || A Meerkat Media and Goddamn Cobras collaboration

Cobra Den Invitational: Wakey!Wakey! – “Feral Love” + “Ambling Alp” (2010) || Produced by: Goddamn Cobras Collective || Featuring: Michael Grubbs and Wakey! Wakey!

Cobra Den Invitational: Bow Ribbons – “All Is Loneliness” + “Peace Sundress” || Produced by: Goddamn Cobras Collective // Featuring: Bow Ribbons (Willow Gibbons and Peter Vogl)