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Curio: Photo Edition // USA, Pt. 2 // California, Chicago, Cincinnati, Covington, Columbus

Today, Conor posted one of my photos on the Atlantic for his ‘What America Looks’ like series, which reminded me that I never got around to posting my second round of travel photos. Ahem. Well, here we are. And it’s even, unintentionally, alliterative. California. Chicago. Cincinnati. Covington, KY. And Columbus, OH. 182214_941190474704_3634162_n 196398_959392522654_4939181_n 190159_959391824054_5458979_n 200208_10100109113048494_2482247_n 188824_950034266674_4263401_n 180986_948077572904_1924559_n 190610_948077463124_4290743_n Liquor cabinet, Short North, Columbus, Ohio Santa Monica, New Age Bible & Philosophy Center

Why I haven’t been blogging


Also this, this, this, this, this and this:

But today’s the last official day of summer. I’ve got new jeans, new shoes and a new notebook (never can outgrow back-to-school shopping); it’s time to Get Serious. Fall!


Photos courtesy of James Duque (sunset, 4, 5), Conor Friedersdorf (2), Charley Parden (3) and my now-dead first-gen iPhone.