Curio: Photo Edition // USA, Pt. 2 // California, Chicago, Cincinnati, Covington, Columbus

Today, Conor posted one of my photos on the Atlantic for his ‘What America Looks’ like series, which reminded me that I never got around to posting my second round of travel photos. Ahem. Well, here we are. And it’s even, unintentionally, alliterative. California. Chicago. Cincinnati. Covington, KY. And Columbus, OH. Drive-thru liquor & cigarettes, Covington, KY CVS, Venice Beach Isabel, Slake Magazine, Venice Beach You Are Loved by Creepy Children party, Echo Park Andersonville, Chicago // Indoor tent Hazardous Chemicals Chicago, Opening Day Liquor cabinet, Short North, Columbus, Ohio Bikes, Venice Beach, California Santa Monica, New Age Bible & Philosophy Center Bar Ladies Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio Wrigleyville

HP Tries To Make Me Feel Better About My Inability to Install Print Cartridges Properly

The best customer service email I have ever received:

Hello Elizabeth,

I once again thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate your business with HP.

We are glad to know that the information provided by us helpfull to you and we hope that you are happy with our service. We thank you for taking the time to appreciate the technical support you received. Our passion for customer excellence is driven by your response.

We must admit that the issue would not have been resolved without your efforts. We can only provide technical resolutions; it is you who implemented the resolution to perfection. Our goal is to make your email support experience a wonderful one.

Actually, I haven’t even attempted the resolution yet. But thanks for the vote of confidence, HP!