I recorded a bloggingheads segment Monday with Conor Friedersdorf for his channel on I guess you call this “vlogging.” I have been vehemently opposed to vlogging (ask Rachel Steinberg) since 2006, because no one looks good in web-cam close-up. Also because a lot of bloggers are better writers than talkers, including me. But I talked to Conor for nearly an hour, about: men’s role in feminism, Hugo Schwyzer, James Poulos, women’s ‘privileged relationship’ to the natural world, subsidizing birth control, vasectomies, my partisan political apathy, Gary Johnson, what’s new in eating disorders, David Brooks, Phoebe Maltz-Bovy, ‘elites’ behaving like traditionalists, goat cheese and arugula, old-fashioned cocktails, Portland bartenders migrating to Los Angeles, the farmer’s markets of Indiana, D.C. media culture and the things you’re supposed to say on the Internet. Anyway, here’s the test clip I sent Conor & my very first test vlogging attempt:
I swear I get a little better. You can check out the whole thing here.

3 thoughts on “Bloggingheads”

  1. Oh, yeah, right. That’s a really good point. I might be writing something about this again at Blisstree soon, and if I do I’ll definitely bring that up …

    I think it’s funny that in the bloggingheads comments, someone says (about my since-we’re-covering-everything-else statement): “Brown’s apparent standard of “let’s cover everything less-dumb than the dumbest thing we cover” is one of the more-amusing illustrations of the political ratchet effect I’ve seen recently.”

    Which is a fair point. Actually, I’m not quite sure what the ‘political ratchet effect’ means. But I’m a realist. “Let’s cover everything less-dumb than the dumbest thing we cover,” seems like probably the best we can do.

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