Tobacco Bill Rant

There are some things that make you more angry than perhaps they should in respect to the actual meaning/effect they have. I found myself feeling this way earlier in the week while reading about Obama signing into law the ‘Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act.’ It’s that word at the beginning there that bugs me, of course. But really, what does it matter that the bill has the word ‘family’ in it? Not a wit, in any real way, I suppose. It’s just that it used to be legislators had to come up with some sort of convincing way their pet issue impacted or benefited children & families in order to pull the ‘think of the children’ shtick. Now, apparently, you can just tack the word family onto any old thing, without justification, and that’s good enough (Next up: Family Waxman-Markey Climate Bill! Family Surface Transportation Authorization Act!). The level of terribly unabashed pandering that requires is disturbing. By the by, Tim Carney has a good editorial explaining why Obama’s claims that the bill is sticking it to “Big Tobacco” aren’t exactly true. I wrote about the clove cigarette ban portion of the bill (coupled with the absense of a ban on menthols, another provision benefiting Phillip Morris) back in 2007.

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  1. I think you might appreciate the video this guy (a non-smoker, no less) made on the more ridiculous (and suspicious) portions of the bill:

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