Start boiling a pot of beans

I haven’t posted in forever (so long, in fact, that wordpress has changed its user interface since I last logged in)(it’s neat, too). I’ve had so much work to do at work (fancy that!), but things are slowing down and I hope to get back in the posting swing of things to some degree. And to start — the best quote I’ve seen about the recession thus far, which comes not from an economist or a policy wonk but from Alvertine Williams, 86, in this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article:
“People are all broke, honey,” she said. “But you start boiling the pot of beans instead of eating whatever you want.”

5 thoughts on “Start boiling a pot of beans”

  1. Um, you know what I did this weekend? I boiled a pot of beans. I also made mango salsa, which seems decidedly non-Depression. I don’t have any good stories- I’ll just be over here in the corner darning socks if you need me.

  2. Wow! You are so ahead of the depression curve, way to go! Although — yeah, mango salsa is decidedly non-Depression. Did you put the salsa on the beans? ‘Cause that’s kind of disgusting.

  3. I spent a week, two weeks ago, eating what was in my pantry, in a way of compensating for increased food prices. Of course, I was back in Whole Foods last week, trying to recover my stomach. A friend was with me in the grocery store the other day, complaining about the high price of laundry detergent. I said, “What am I supposed to do? Go down to the creek and pound my clothing on the rocks?” Well…maybe we will be. I think about this non-recession we are in a lot lately…and ways to save money.

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