Stuff White People Like: Michel Gondry

Maybe I only find this particularly funny because my boyfriend* kept talking yesterday about how he was So! Psyched! to go see Be Kind, Rewind, but … Entry #68 on the Stuff White People Like blog: Michel Gondry.
The observant among you will probably be aware that the white person wet dream “Be Kind, Rewind” is about to be released.  This might be the biggest event in white person film since The Royal Tenenbaums.
Fabulous. And almost as fabulous is the comment section on the blog’s About page, which is full of responses from people who are either Very Offended (There are not really 49 things here. Organic food, vegetarianism, and Whole Foods are essentially the same entry, broken up and spread out- “filler”as I believe it’s known. Poor writing, that) or who apparently commented after mainlining “We Are the World” (I don’t get it. To lump all people with limited melanin and European facial features seems kind of silly. White isn’t a country, ethnicity, culture, or religion… Please remind me again how stereotyping people based on the relative dark or lightness of their skin is funny again… I must have forgotten.) How it is funny? Let’s count the ways …
Entry #62: Knowing What’s Best for Poor People A great way to make white people feel good is to tell them about situations where poor people changed how they were doing things because they were given the ‘whiter’ option. “Back in my old town, people used to shop at Wal*Mart and then this non-profit organization came in and set up a special farmers co-op so that we could buy more local produce, and within two weeks the Wal*Mart shut down and we elected our first Democratic representative in 40 years.” White people will first ask which non-profit and are they hiring?
Entry #38: Arrested Development If you are ever a white person’s house, and you see an orange box in their DVD collection, you should say “oh, you have Arrested Development, I love that show!” To which you will be offered a glass of wine, and perhaps an invitation to 80s night.
Entry #48 Whole foods These stores are excellent for bringing children, as there is nothing that they actually want. “Oh, mommy, look chocolate!” “No Joshua, that’s carob.” “I want it.” “Ok.” The child will then take a bite and realize that nothing in the store can be trusted.
And there are 67 more of them! New. Favorite. Blog. * who is, indeed, white

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  1. Immediately upon viewing this site, I looked for two things.

    Yes, I was happy to find NPR as one of the earliest listings.
    But, I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming entry about truffles.

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