Photo on 2013-07-04 at 13.14 #5Elizabeth Nolan Brown is currently a staff editor for Reason.com and a freelance writer and copywriter. She was previously a lifestyle blogger for Bustle.com; a health writer and editor for Blisstree.com; and an editor and web producer for AARP publications. Her work has also appeared online at TimeThe Week, Fox News, AARP the Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Huffington Post (as well as a slew of smaller health websites and libertarian rags) on themes ranging from health, nutrition and wellness to music, politics and digital culture. She also has substantial experience covering feminist, gender and generational issues.

At Reason, Elizabeth writes frequently about civil liberties, reproductive rights, food and drug policy, sex work, criminal justice reform, gender issues, and what the kids are up to ideologically. As a daily news blogger for AARP, her continuous coverage of Alzheimer’s and dementia news earned her a spot on ShareCare’s list of the “Top 10 Online Influencers” in Alzheimer’s disease. She is also a certified nutritionist and has ghostwritten about disease and nutrition for prominent voices and websites in the medical community.

Elizabeth has an MA in strategic communication from American University and a BFA in theater from Ohio University. In her free time, she is an avid reader, an enthusiastic cook, a begrudging yoga/Pilates devotee, a social media butterfly, an occasional actress, a voracious music consumer, a mystery movie addict, an obsessive photo taker and an itinerant wanderer. Her family hails from southern Ohio, but her heart belongs to Brooklyn, Sicily and anywhere with palm trees. She is currently based in Washington, D.C.